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The Relic Run is a vehicle-assisted overland expedition organized as a throwback to the older days of motorized backcountry travel. Participants in the Relic Run are required to operate in the spirit of 4x4 exploration in the 1980’s. Only 1980’s and older vehicles, only 1980’s and older camping gear, and only 1980’s and older route finding.

The idea behind the Relic Run was born from the minds of well-known Utah backcountry explorers Michael Slade and Kurt Williams, and then expanded by the members of ExpeditionUtah.com. The inaugural Relic Run took place in June 2009. Participants are selected based on vehicle, experience and willingness to fulfill the intent of the idea.

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The Relic Run is a completely non-commercial operation! There are no fees, payments or freebies for anyone involved. However, a few companies are contributing products and services to help make the Relic Run happen. If you or your company can help support the Relic Run, contact us for more information.

The following companies have provided support for the Relic Run:


Relic Run organizers hope to partner with quality publications and media outlets to cover these unique events.

We are open to media coverage by any and all interested parties. Please contact us with your media request.

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Responsible Recreation

Relic Run organizers, participants and sponsors believe in responsible recreation.  We adhere to the principles of Tread Lightly, we respect our environment and we appreciate the unique opportunities of motorized recreation.

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