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Follow the links below to read accounts and view photos from previous Relic Run events.

2009: The Great Salt Lake

Relic Run 2009For the inaugural Relic Run, our group circumnavigated the Great Salt Lake.  Nearly 50% of the vehicles had trouble or didn't complete the trip, but nothing could dampen the spirits of the group.

Click here for the story and photos.


2010: Uinta Mountains Basecamp

Relic Run 2010For the second annual event we decided to base camp and take day trips into the Uinta Mountains northeast of Salt Lake City.  The nightly weather was cold and wet, but nothing could stop the good times and memorable scenery of this adventure.

Click here for the story and photos.


2011: Skyline Scramble

Relic Run 2011Our trip along Skyline Drive was a constant battle against unmelted snow, forcing us to change the route in the middle of the trip.  But thanks to everyone who attended, the event was another trip worth remembering!

Click here for the story and photos.


2012: Seventies in the Swell

Relic Run 2012For the fourth annual event, our group spent three days exploring the San Rafael Swell in central Utah.  The desert terrain and historical sites made the event fun and entertaining.  Despite one major mechanical failure, every vehicle made it out under its own power.

Click here for the story and photos.


2013: Relic Run Rendezvous

The fifth anniversary Relic Run was held in 2013.  Participants camped in the high mountains of Utah and Wyoming for another epic 70's era expedition.  As with previous events, there was a group potluck dinner, slideshow and gear show and shine.

Click here the story and photos.

2014: Henry Mountain High

The sixth annual event took participants through the remote and storied Henry Mountains in south central Utah.  The terrain and wildlife was as varied as the rigs of the participants.  Overall, another excellent Relic Run success!


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2015: Murdock Basin Basecamp

The seventh annual Relic Run event combined with the second annual Retro Ramble for one groovy mega event of old iron and classic camping.  The group revisited the Uinta mountians while base camping in the Murdock Basin area.  Daily runs and events kept participants in the vintage spirit throughout the weekend. 

Click here for the story and photos.

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2016: West Desert Bomb Run

Relic Run 2016: West Desert Bomb Run

The 8th annual Relic Run was another smashing success!  Participants enjoyed a guided tour of the Crystal Ball Caves, an original Pony Express station and the Wendover air field.  A report and photographs will be available soon.
2017: Roaming in Wyoming
2017: Roaming in Wyoming

Relic Run 2017 was another memorable event!  Participants enjoyed the scenic Wyoming backcountry while camping in Relic/Retro style.  Activities centered around camp at a scenic alpine lake.  A report and photographs will be available soon.

2018: Delle Rocks Legacy Tour

2018: Delle Rocks Legacy TourThe 10th annual Relic Run took participants through some of the same areas as the original Relic Run in 2009.  The group started in western Utah and toured through the northwest desert and southern Idaho. A report and photograph will be available soon.

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Responsible Recreation

Relic Run organizers, participants and sponsors believe in responsible recreation.  We adhere to the principles of Tread Lightly, we respect our environment and we appreciate the unique opportunities of motorized recreation.

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