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What is the Relic Run?

The Relic Run is a vehicle-assisted overland expedition organized as a throwback to the older days of motorized backcountry travel. Participants in the Relic Run are required to operate in the spirit of 4x4 exploration in the 1970’s and 1980's. Only 1980’s and older vehicles, only 1980’s and older camping gear, and only 1980’s and older route finding.

What's the plan for Relic Run 2017?

The 2017 event is still being planned. Signup for our email notices to receive the latest information regarding Relic Run 2017.

When is Relic Run 2017?

Relic Run 2017 is still in the planning stages. Signup for our email notices to receive the latest information regarding Relic Run 2017.

What does it take to make it on the Relic Run expedition?

Relic Run is a unique experience in offroad recreation. The expedition combines the thrill of exploration, the challenges of overland travel, and the added element of staying true to the 1970's/1980's theme of the event. You must have a 1989 or older vehicle, and we select participants who will execute the spirit of what Relic Run is all about. Check out the route and the list of requirements to find out if you are up to the challenge of Relic Run 2017.

How can I join the 2017 expedition?

If you have a 1989 or older street legal 4x4 vehicle AND you've read and understand the Relic Run requirements, submit your registration request here once registration is open for the 2017 event.

Are there support services available?

No. Each participant should be self-sufficient and capable of traveling at least 200 miles without refueling and prepared to camp for 3-4 nights with all food and necessary gear on board their vehicle.

I need to come later or leave earlier than the scheduled dates, can I still join Relic Run 2017?

Participants must be able to meet the group at the location and time designated.

I can't be at the meeting point on time, can I join Relic Run 2017 and meet the group in route?

No. Participants must be able to meet the group at the time and location specified.

How can I start a "Relic Run" in my area?

"Relic Run" is a registered trademark and the name is protected by U.S. and international law. We encourage you to emulate the spirit of "Relic Run" but please do not use the name "Relic Run" for your event. This will avoid nasty letters from our attorneys.

Isn't it ironic that an event limited to 1970's/1980's technology has a website?

No, it's not ironic. It might be an anachronism, or more appropriately a prochronism?

My question isn't answered here!

Relax! Contact us with any additional questions.

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Responsible Recreation

Relic Run organizers, participants and sponsors believe in responsible recreation.  We adhere to the principles of Tread Lightly, we respect our environment and we appreciate the unique opportunities of motorized recreation.

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